October 2004 Archives

  1. Random medical student quote
  2. The pumpkins are here!
  3. The mini-bottle debate
  4. It's all FUD
  5. Memorable wedding moment #42
  6. Hey, put out that cancer stick!
  7. My desk is all aglow
  8. It's a Great Pumpkin Thanksgiving Christmas Charlie Brown!
  9. It's the cool season
  10. I can watch CBC news online!
  11. Stupid geek toys
  12. Political Quote of the Day
  13. Is it the calories, or is it the weight?
  14. On Fedora's cutting edge
  15. In the light of a blood red moon...
  16. Legos for big boys
  17. Gobble gobble
  18. 7 donations, up to 21 people helped.
  19. She really can grab the bull by the balls
  20. Off to Houston tomorrow
  21. Shark Tale