It's all FUD

In the end, all this political campaigning comes down to who can generate the most FUD. And bonus points if you can link your FUD to terrorism.

Yesterday on the news there was some guy claiming that making it easier for people to buy prescription drugs from Canada would open the door to terrorists. Terrorists could infiltrate Canadian pharmacies and send out poison-laced drugs. Terrorists could set up fake internet storefronts to send out tainted drugs. Terrorists this, terrorists that. is an interesting website I found out about while watching the Today show (I'd link to it, but NBC makes you go through an ad just to get to the website).

Sure, in the beginning all the campaigning starts off noble, and all the candidates say they're against negative campaigning and they won't do it. But eventually it all degenerates to who can slander/libel whom the most, who can twist and distort the opponents record the most.

I'll be glad when the election is over and all these crappy campaigning ads are gone. Then the networks can get back to showing ads geared towards trying to get me to buy crap I don't need.

Hmm, this seems like an uncharacteristically cynical post, doesn't it...