It's the cool season

It's mid-October, which means the weather is cooling down. Back home, this is about the time it starts snowing, and that means that all those people who've forgotten how to drive in snow are getting into accidents all over the place.

It's really stupid you know. Hello, it's October. It's going to snow soon! Time to get ready! Every year it snows. Every year, the first snow of the season brings accidents all over the place because people aren't paying attention. You'd think they'd see the snow and think "Ok, time to take it easy now". Same thing happened in Detroit too. Go figure. It's that time of year again though.

Here, the cool season means oysters. Oysters by the bucket and bushel. Oysters and oyster roasts. It's a big thing here, and just about every organization out there will have some kind of fund-raising oyster roast.

I have to admit I've only been to one oyster roast in the 5 years I've been here. That was about 4 years ago and was put on by the department the wife was working in at the time. Oysters were plentiful and tasty, and there were hot dogs for the kids and non-oyster eating people. It was on the cool side, nothing extreme for me. The oysters were hot and tasty and there was lots of socializing and fat-chewing going on.

Figuring out the magic trick to opening an oyster without getting shell fragments all over the place was a challenge, but with the help of a few friendly oyster eaters I managed to pick it up pretty quick. Just find that tinly little opening, wiggle the oyster-opening knife in and twist. Inside you'll find a little mound of oystery goodness waiting to be slurped down. Straight up or on a cracker with a dash of hot sauce. Chew or let it slide straight down. Eating methods are about as varied as the people eating them.

Maybe it's time to go to another one.