My desk is all aglow

The USB Christmas trees came in yesterday after a bit of a UPS misdirect. Not sure if they're worth the $13 each (maybe $10 or so might be a more appropriate price). They are kind of neat though and will look fun on my desk when the holiday season starts.

11 cm (4.25") tall and maybe about 8 cm diameter (3.25") it's small enough to fit just about anywhere without taking up too much space. The cord is a decent length and uses some of the 500 mA provided by the USB port to power the LED light. It cycles through 6 different colours about every 5 seconds. The red isn't nearly as bright as the other 5 colours though.

It's just a fun silly geeky little toy. Definitely would have been cooler if the star lit up too.

3/5 stars for this one.