She really can grab the bull by the balls

Monday's site visit at MD Anderson went exceptionallly well, although like many site visits, we didn't get to see everything we wanted to. But we saw enough during the quick 4 hour whirlwind tour and were very impressed by their operation and the efficiencies they've achieved.

Lunch was at Goode Company, a kind of divy hole in the wall looking place, but with some fantastic Texas BBQ. There was a line out the door to the cafeteria style place, and it was well worth it.

By far the most unique items in the restaurant were the handbags hanging over the cashier. Large sac looking things that you could have fit both fists into, with plenty of room to spare. Fairly decent sized handbags that would hold most of the things women typically stuff into handbags.

The material these things were constructed from was somewhat...unique. No doubt in the spirit of "Use Everything", if you've every wondered what happens to a bull's dangly bits, this is one way to use them. Yes, the handbags were made from bull scrotum (scrota?). And they were still hairy. Empty, but hairy.

Now, I wonder what they do with the other dangly bit...