Convenience produce

It's probably a sign that people's lifestyles have become overly hectic and busy, when convenience reaches the produce in the grocery store. That or people have just become really lazy.

There are all kinds of convenience foods in the store already. Frozen foods you just stick in the microwave for a near instant meal and canned stuff you pop open for an instant snack or meal. Cookies, chips, pop and all sorts of other crap to stuff in our faces.

Now you can find convenience in the produce section. Containers full of pre-sliced fruits perfect for snacking on. And then came the veggies. If you're too lazy to slice your own onions or tomatoes, no problem! They come pre-sliced now! Just go to the store and pick some up. Carrots too! They come sliced or in sticks.

I expect pre-digested food will be next. Oh, wait, they have that already! It's called baby food.