Go go gadget Roomba!

After unpacking our little Roomba and letting it juice up for a few hours, it's scurrying around vacuuming up stuff. The first thing it did was a spiral pattern to do it's room check, then after moving around a while, promptly got stuck under our couch. Not Roomba's fault though. Our couch is old and has raggedy fabric hanging down and it got tangled up in that. After extricating it, we set it back on it's merry way.

It's not going to get deep into the carpet and suck out ground in dirt though but it actually works remarkably well at picking up surface stuff. And it's very agile too. It was able to get itself out of a few tight corners in our apartment. And it has this funny Cartman waddle as it runs along a wall. It's kind of funny to watch I think.

We spent a good part of the evening just watching it run around, bumping into things and seeing where it would go next.

Now I'm wondering if I should give it a name or something.