Going filmless, the final stage

This week we're making the final long awaited steps toward going completely filmless in our department. Installation of a CD/DVD burning system to put patient images onto CD/DVD instead of handing patients a stack of films is expected to save the department a ton of money in film supplies and printing costs. It's something we've been able to do before on a limited basis, but it's always been very labour intensive. The new system is pretty much completely automated and so far is being very well received.

The other step is the conversion to digital in one of the last bastions of film: mammography. Last week we had the first of 4 digital mammography units installed, replacing one of our conventional film/screen units. This week applications training started. From what I've heard from the residents, images are great and far superior to regular film/screen. A few snafus with printing and workstation workflow, but probably nothing that won't be solved with a little bit of training and tweaking. By the end of the year, our mammography department will be completely digital and we'll finally be almost completely filmless after almost a decade of digital imaging.