Hooligan Moment #323: The Flaming Buttbuca

Over on Slashdot there's a post about some guys testing the effects of filtering cheap vodka.

A comment on the Slashdot posting reminded me of the 'Flaming Sambuca's' that were consumed on a houseboating trip one year. The Flaming Sambuca was a simple trick. Pour some Sambuca into a shot glass and light it on fire. After a second or so put your hand on the glass. The oxygen will be burned up by the flame, and the glass gets stuck to your hand by the vacuum. Then remove the glass and suck the vapours out, then down the shot.

One of my friends, in a fit of drunken creativity, created a variant of the trick where instead of using his hand, he stuck the drink to his butt. Thus was born the "Butt-buca"! Being drunk, there was much amusement in this and the round red hickeys left on their butts.

Later, after a post-houseboating house party, he was showing off the Buttbuca. This time, the trick went tragically wrong (for him). He left it on too long, the shot glass got stuck and he couldn't get it off. All of us were rolling on the ground in pain because we were laughing so hard at him running around yelling "It's stuck! It's stuck! Get it off!"

Of course none of us wanted to get close enough to his ass to help him remove the shot glass. When he did finally get it off, there was this massively red hickey that left a mark for weeks.