A trip down CPU memory lane

Tom's Hardware has a 2 part series looking at Intel and AMD CPUs going all the way back to the 8086, the mother of all x86 processors.

From the introduction to the first article:
Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts, because here we go. After 12 weeks of grueling and meticulous testing in our Munich THG lab, our biggest CPU test of all time is complete. Marathon, all-night monitoring sessions, system hiccups and crashes and the logistics involved in coordinating such a feat often short-circuited our caffeine-addled nerves. But then again, this project was about more than just tallying up CPU benchmarks
Benchmarks results aside (those are in Part 2), I thought it was an interesting brief look at the history of the x86 class of CPUs. A bunch of cool diagrams and big big CPU comparison charts to dazzle the eyes with.