It's raining in the apartment

I'm stuck here at work while the wife deals with a bit of a crisis with leaking water. Just as I was about to call her to pick me up from work, she calls and says there's water leaking into our place from the apartment above us. So she's trying to contain the dripping in buckets while the maintenance guys come over to see about damage control.

And we're supposed to be buying this place sometime in the future. Maybe we will be moving after all...

Update: Well, the apartment's a bit of a mess mostly from having to pick everything up off the floor and everything from the kitchen closet being out on the balcony or on the couches and tables. The apartment itself is reasonably ok. A few more water stains on the walls, and rugs were a little bit damp. A couple of the light fixtures need to be emptied out.

On the plus side, parts of the carpet did get a good steam cleaning and deodorizing.

On the down side, the kitchen is a bit of a mess, so our Christmas cookie baking is probably over for the year. And we probably won't be getting any Christmas cards out this year. We'll be busy trying to get things cleaned up before heading out of town.