Let the holidays begin!

PC180595.jpgWe finally got a start on our Christmas baking. A little later than usual. All of you people expecting cookies will just have to wait a little while. They're going to be late this year. But they'll still be just as tasty!

The tree is up too, with a few presents underneath it even. Christmas cards are coming in, but we've just been too busy this year to send any out. So to those of you that sent us one (and those who didn't send us one), I apologize for not sending out a card. But we do wish all of you a happy and fun holiday season and all the best for 2005!

We've been thinking of doing one of those Christmas form letters people seem to be so big on. You know, those ones that you get from your friends and family telling you about all their accomplishments and big events over the past year. I thought it might be interesting to take it a step further and do one as a blog entry. The wife thinks I might be a little too ahead of my time though. I think I'll give it a try anyway. It's not like there are a lot of people reading this anyway. Or are there...