ME LaZerte Class of 1987, where are you now?

I happened to catch My Coolest Years: The Geeks on VH1 last night, which got the wife and I talking about our high school experiences.

I'd say I was definitely a geek in high school, but I wasn't nearly as tormented (at least I don't remember being tormented anyway) as some of the geeks on the show were. I roamed among a fairly diverse crowd and had a lot of friends in just about every group you can think of. But I was definitely a geek. I did things like Reach For the Top (one of those team-based answer the question type games) and student council.

While most of the guys opted for the machine shop/industrial arts type options or band or sports, I chose Food Studies because I knew one of these days I'd be out on my own and would need to know how to cook and feed myself. The three years of Food Studies (10, 20 and 30) I took turned out to be one of my favourite classes in high school.

Unfortunately I've since lost touch with many of my high school friends, except for an occasional e-mail from someone who managed to stumble onto my email address. Every now and then I wonder what some of those people are doing now. Maybe some of them will stumble onto this blog and find a former classmate. If you are one of those people, leave a comment or email me!