You can make people line up for anything

The parkade I'm assigned to at work has 3 entrances, but only two lanes leading up to them. The left lane goes to the middle entrance, and the right lane goes to the right entrance leaving the left entrance laneless. Invariably at the busy times there are cars lined up in the two lanes in front of two of the entrances, but for some reason nobody ever uses the third entrance to the left. Every now and then someone (like me) will turn off and use it, but for the most part that third entrance goes unused. It's very odd. People here are always in such a rush once they get into their cars, but sit patiently in front of the parkade entrance waiting their turn and ignoring that third entrance.

Now there's a bunch of construction going on for the new hospital next to the parkade, and one of the lanes is blocked off leaving just the lane going to the middle entrance.

Do you know what they do now?

They all line up in front of the middle entrance and leave the two side entrances unused.

I don't know if I should yell or laugh at them for their stupidity.