I think we found one

After a weekend of doing a lot of driving around checking out places with our realtor, we found a place that we decided to put an offer on. We saw a lot of places that we were interested in, but most of them already had contracts written on them already so they were out.

The one we decided to put an offer on isn't too far away from where we are now. Our realtor wasn't able to get in touch with anyone from the selling agency over the weekend so we won't find out until this morning if it's still on the market or not. It's a pretty big place at the end of a cul-de-sac. It'll take us pretty much to the edge of what we can afford, so it'll be tight for the next couple of years until our credit cards get paid down. But after that it should be smooth sailing barring any unforseen financial calamities.

Financing has been secured. Next step is to have the contract reviewd by a real-estate lawyer, then drop it off with our realtor and 'earnest money' check and hope someone hasn't already beaten us to the punch.

Update: Gave the signed contract to our realtor and went over to the selling agency with her to check out our various options for things like flooring and cabinetry. Haven't chosen anything yet, that will be Saturday. The selling agent didn't seem to think there would be an issue with the builder signing the contract, so I think we just bought a house!