Running the gauntlet

There's so much construction going on around the hospital that some days I feel like I should be walking around wearing a hard hat and safety vest or something.

There's construction on the ground work for the new hospital being built near the parkade I'm in, construction going on for new sewer lines up the block, construction for rerouting utility lines on the walk between the parkade and the hospital, construction for the new cancer center building next door, construction on the ground floor of the library, construction for a new parkade on the other side of the hospital. Construction here, construction there, construction everywhere! Some days it looks like there are more construction workers here than there are patients.

Everywhere you look there's a piece of heavy machinery lumbering towards you, or a crane dangling several tonnes of precast concrete slab over your head, or those blue sticky pads for picking dirt and dust off your shoes. Hammering, drilling, banging and thumping here and there. It just never ends around here.