The Choosing

Met with the selling agent today to go over our choices for the house innards. Chose stuff like wall colours, cabinets, flooring, tile and carpets. It all went reasonably well, although a few things we want will depend on the cost. If it comes in over our budget, then we'll have to eliminate some of the upgrades we asked for and go with the standard choices. We have things prioritized though, and nothing will be really hard to give up. Besides, we can always go back in a year or two and have things re-done the way we wanted.

After that it was a stop at the house to measure out a few areas. Drywall's been put up so finishing shouldn't be too much farther away.

A trip to Sears netted us a swanky new refrigerator and washer/dryer thanks to the wife's parents. All within budget (barely) too.

Next thing on the list to deal with are some forms that need to be filled out by the Payroll folks, setting up an appointment with the appraiser guy, going to the tile place and the lighting place and getting some insurance quotes.

Somewhere in all that I need to do taxes too...