The first decisions of 2005

Our first decision of 2005 is to buy a house. After much discussion and consideration we decided that if we have to spend $182k, then it's going to be on a house rather than a condo.

So for the past few days we've been browsing through the online MLS and the real estate section of the paper checking things out and seeing what's out there and the kinds of prices we can expect. Mostly small and expensive or not-so-small and really expensive in the areas we want to live. If we want big and cheap, that means living farther away and a longer commute than we want to deal with. We did find a few places that look interesting enough to check out later this week. The wife's parents are also planning on making a trip down on the weekend to have a look around with us too.

We've also been working on a list of items and features that we want in a house and ranking them by importance to us. I'm sure this will be an interesting process.