The new Battlestar: Galactica

Like many other sci-fi geeks around the country I was tuned into SciFi's Battlestar: Galactica. The series started off with two episodes back to back. It's part drama, part sci-fi series. Watching the LowDown show that came just before the gave me the distinct impression that it was going to be more soap opera/drama than pure sci-fi. More like B5 than separate standalone episodes like the original BG series. The tone and style was set by the mini-series, and continues in the series. Cylon infiltration, sabotage, spies and traitors. And that was just the first two episodes.

I'm going to enjoy watching this new series. With it sandwiched between Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis, Friday nights are going to be a veritable orgy of sci-fi.

One thing I do find odd is how religious the new Cylons seem to be. Somewhat unexpected for a machine intelligence. Maybe we'll discover the reason behind it in later episodes.

You can even read Ron Moore's Movable Type powered blog to find out his take on the episodes.