Another Star Trek series bites the dust

Word has it that Star Trek: Enterprise is being cancelled, with the final episode airing May 13th.

This is too bad. I was just starting to enjoy it too after the writers finally wrapped up that messy ugly Delta quadrant story arc that took up the first two and a half seasons. Why don't the Star Trek writers ever learn that time travel never works and just makes for ugly stories.

If you want to help save the show, go visit, or and see how you can help.

Just can't find anything good on TV anymore. With all the so-called 'reality show' crap on the air now there's just nothing worth watching anymore. It's a good thing I have the Babylon 5 DVDs to watch. I'll have to start working on the Stargate: SG1 and Farscape series now. Stock up before all the good TV gets drowned out by the crap.

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