Wear it like a geek badge

I got one of those USB thumb drives a little while ago. Just a simple little 256 MB PNY Attaché. But it comes with a lanyard that makes it handy to carry around your neck, instead of being relegated to the bottom of your pocket to get mangled by keys or something.

Normally I don't like to wear things around my neck, but I decided to try the lanyard with the thumb drive. Lots of other fellow computer guys around here carry thumb drives around their neck too. Having a thumb drive around your neck almost seems like some kind of geek identification device or badge. Now other things have made it onto the lanyard: my ID badge and radiation monitoring badge for starters. I'll have to stop adding things onto it before it gets too heavy.

I'll probably stop using it eventually because it tends to bounce around when I'm walking along, which is a little bit annoying. In the meantime, I'll just broadcast my geekiness around my neck.