Hoo's Holy Commandments

The Great and Holy Hoo has passed onto Haysoos the 10 Hooligan Commandments! (edited for language to keep this blog rated G).

Read them, and spread them forth so that the Words of Hoo may reach everyone!

  1. Thou shalt harm none, and do as thou will
  2. Thou shalt initially honour every person met as though they deserve respect, until they prove otherwise
  3. Thou shalt boink who thou pleases. If everyone is consenting, the more the merrier
  4. Thou shalt not kill, club, poke, stab or otherwise f*** with people who aren't f***ing with you
  5. Thou shalt intentionally accomplish nothing one day a week. You pick which one
  6. Thou shalt be willing to learn. Ignorance can be cured, stupidity is forever
  7. Thou shalt pet the puppies and the kitties
  8. Thou shalt treat all water sources as if you had to drink it
  9. Thou shalt not trust anyone who relies on votes for his or her job
  10. Thou shalt not f*** with stuff that is not yours