Stay-at-home-dad week

Playing with a treat ballThis week I get to be a stay-at-home dad for Nala. Need to work on some training and education for her. She can be very stubborn when she doesn't want to do something. When we go outside for walks, as long as she's within sight of the apartment, all she wants to do is run back inside. Take her out of sight, and home is completely forgotten and she goes about doing her doggy things. She likes to smell everything, and for some strange reason she always wants to crunch on rocks (which we take out of her mouth as soon as she tries to grab one). Maybe they look like food or something to her. She isn't quite at the stage where she can hold something in her mouth while walking, so we can't keep her mouth busy with something else to keep her from picking up rocks to munch on.

She's fun to watch running around chasing a ball at the tennis court, although she has all the attention span of a gnat (as my wife says), so you constantly have to grab it and bounce it around for her to chase after. Otherwise she pounces at it, chews it a bit and moves on to something she thinks is more interesting, like leaves to munch on.