Bai bai T3

Well, seems PalmOne has dropped the T3 from their Tungsten line. I have to say that since the T3, I've been decidely underwhelmed by PalmOne's latest offerings. None of PalmOne's current offerings really grab me or make me say "Ooooo, I need that!" like my Visor Platinum or T3 did. And with Sony out of the PDA market now, there isn't much left to choose from. The T5 just seems a little too long and clunky to me, while the E2 just doesn't seem to have the technical sleekness I'm looking for. The C is chubby looking but not for me. I just don't need wireless and a dinky little keyboard in my PDA.

So what's next? Buzz about the Life Drive says it should be coming out in the next week or so. It looks to be a bit of a chunky one if the renderings are accurate.

In the meantime, hopefully my T3 will last a good long time and something equally cool comes out by then.