Did I see a motorcade?

So I'm sitting at the light this morning waiting to get onto the main road so I can head off to work. Just as the light turns green, a couple of motorcycle cops stop in the middle of the intersection, stop traffic in one lane (headed the way I'm trying to go of course), wave traffic through in the other lane. I'm thinking this is a little bit early for a funeral procession and then shortly afterward a caravan of 7 or 8 police cars go through all with lights flashing. Definitely not a funeral procession.

Finally after waiting at the red light again, I'm finally on my way to work. The 8AM news comes on the radio, and they start talking about Bill Clinton (minus Hillary) taking a break down in Kiawah. Nowhere near the Folly Beach direction these police cars were headed from, but maybe he decided to take a jog down Folly or something.

Or maybe it was just a bunch of people headed to where The Bill was going.

Guess I'll never know...