Fetch that bouncy green round thing!

Retrieving the ballUntil we get the yard for our new place fenced, we're going to have to find a nice safe enclosed place for Nala to run around in. The tennis court here comes in handy for that. I'm trying to teach her how to fetch things. She does pretty good running after the ball, needs a little bit of work on bringing it back though. Early on in our play session, she'll come zooming back with the ball and overshoot me and just keep on running, so then I have to coax her back. During the middle of the session when she's run out some of that Lab enthusiasm, she's a little bit more reliable at bringing the ball back. Then towards the end of the seson, sometimes she'll just drop the ball and keep on running back. Other times I'll toss the ball, she saunters over to it and just keeps on going. That usually marks the end of the play session, so it's back home to do other things. Following a play session like this, that's usually a nap.

We've managed to get her to drop things reliably, which is a good thing because Nala's forever picking up stuff. She has this penchant for munching on live oak leaves. I'm not sure if she finds them tasty, thinks they look like her kibble or if she's just checking them all out.