New MT!

Fresh off 6A's software mill is MT 3.16 boasting lots of fixes and code improvements.

Not a lot of changes or fixes that affect me significantly, although there are a few things that should keep newbies out of trouble.

  • Authors can no longer delete their own accounts, which could result in disabled installations. (Seen more than a few people get nailed by this on the forums)
  • Improved the application's ability to guess the desired weblog URL and filesystem path in new weblog setup screen. (Should be very helpful for newbies and non-techies)
  • On setup of dynamic rendering, Movable Type tries to create most of the pieces it needs (.htaccess, compiled-templates directory) on its own. Better error messages help the user create these pieces when Movable Type doesn't have sufficient rights.
  • Fixed a bug in which, given a large number of entries, rebuilds may time out when using dynamic templates (under dynamic publishing the FileInfo table is rebuilt, instead of pages on the filesystem). We are now doing these "rebuilds" in stages to prevent timeouts in the browser. (Always wondered what there was to rebuild for dynamic archives)
  • Improved subcategory hierarchy display in the interface. Subcategories are displayed hierarchically in the following places: the Primary Category dropdown on the New Entry, Edit Entry and Quickpost screens, the category filter dropdown on the List Entries screen, the category filter and assignment dropdowns on the Power Edit screen and the popup category creation window.

Complete list of changes in the Changelog