So long car!

After 6 years of mostly faithful service, I said good bye to our 91 Honda Accord today. It really hadn't been getting driven around much at all these past few months, and a few weeks ago decided not to start anymore. Plus there was something causing a slow drain on the battery. We decided that with all the outflow of money from the house, it was probably better to get rid of it. We don't really need two cars right now anyway.

We ended up donating the car to the American Diabetes Association. I probably could have sold it for a decent price by spending some cash and getting it back up and running, but there's not much spare cash at the moment to pump into the car to get it up and running. With our time frame for moving, donating the car seemed like it would be the most expedient way of disposing of the car rather than waiting for someone to come around and buy it.

Almost made it to 180 000 miles on the car too.