Sprouting like a weed

P4161426.jpgThis little puppy of ours is sprouting like a weed. She'll be 4 months in a less than 2 weeks, and at her last vet visit she weighed in at 33 pounds. Nala gets a kick out of visiting the vet. Heck, with all those people wanting to pet her, I wouldn't mind either if I was a dog. More booster shots and her rabies vaccine yesterday and she didn't even notice the needles. The bordetella vaccine she got intranasally made her stop and pause for a bit though.

She's definitely a lot taller now. Training her is getting to be a bit of a challenge. She seems to be getting to that age where she wants to try to rearrange the pecking order and challenge our rank above her. She's been testing us a lot more, so lately we've had to be a lot more stern when giving her commands. I'll be glad when we can get her into some obedience classes and get a little bit of professional help and advice with training.