Nala Sockthief

Nala's picking up a few names as she grows up. Sometimes I'll just call her Dog, the wife calls her Sweetpea occasionally. The latest one she's picked up is Nala Sockthief. She's developed a penchant for nabbing our socks. She'll come walking up out of the blue with a sock dangling from her mouth, which we then have to pry away from her. A few times we've caught her nibbling on one of our socks after she's snuck into the bedroom. This morning she came walking up to me with one of the wife's socks dangling from her mouth which, according to my wife, she pulled out from underneath the sliding closet door.

This dog is just too much. The sock thing we're going to work on stopping before she decides that they're edible. The Sock Gods have already received enough sock sacrifices from us out of the dryer. The last thing we need is another sock black hole for them to disappear into.