On the road to handyman-dom

Yesterday I managed to successfully hang 2 Ceiling Fans (instances of the Lighting Fixture class) without electrocuting myself. A good thing because the ceiling fans make two of our rooms look much more decorated with the bare lightbulb fixtures removed. Not electrocuting myself is an even better thing, because now I can tackle the third ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fan #3 is going to be a little more challenging because to complete the task, I'll have to try to not electrocute myself (again), and try to not topple off the ladder that's holding me 4 meters up in the air while I'm trying to install said ceiling fan.

Now admittedly, installing ceiling fans isn't exactly rocket science. But when you're someone like me with plenty of theoretical knowledge but little practical experience, getting to do stuff like this is fun. It's even better when it ends up working. It just rocks when you do it without sustaining any major injury.

After this (barring any serious injury from hanging Ceiling Fan #3) will be two more Ceiling Fan objects for the back porch and a new lighting fixture for the breakfast area. The new lighting fixture shouldn't be too difficult. It's just another instance of the Lighting Fixture class (just like the Ceiling Fan object), so the properties and methods should be similar.

All I need to do is avoid electrocuting myself and I'll be cooking with fire!