The 3 P's

Woke up around 3 this morning to the sound of Nala lapping up water. No problem, until my mostly sleepy brain remembers that she shouldn't have any water in her crate. So I drag my butt out of the comfy warm bed to see what's going on, and discover she's thrown up in her crate (P #1: puke). Mostly watery with chunks of undigested kibble. Ick. Wake the wife up and begin the clean up process. Afterwards, she whines to go outside, so I take her out where she promptly pees (P #2) and poops (P #3).

She did this a couple of nights ago too, but that time we heard her throwing up and it was brown sludgy mostly digested kibble.

She's been behaving normally otherwise. Eating and drinking fine fine and pooping normally. She's been downing her food a lot faster than she used to, so maybe she's just eating too fast and getting an upset stomach because of it. I don't think she's injested anything abnormal or unusual recently. We watch her pretty closely to make sure that she doesn't eat something she's not supposed to.

Hopefully it's nothing more serious than that. She only seems to be doing it at night, although she might be doing it during the day and just cleaning/eating it up before one of us gets back. Vet appointment on Friday for her last round of shots so we'll have her checked out then.