Where the heck did all these boxes come from??!!

Took the movers two trips to transport all our crap to the new house on Saturday. I just don't know where all this stuff came from! I know we didn't have nearly this much stuff when we moved into the apartment. Going out, it seemed like we moved almost twice as much stuff as we started with and there's still some stuff left at the apartment we need to go back for. I'm sure part of the problem was just inefficient packing. There was a lot of stuff we probably could have tossed instead of moving, but packing ended up being kind of last-minute and rushed.

The rest of the weekend was spent making trips back and forth to Lowe's/Home Depot and unpacking.

And unpacking.

And more unpacking.

We're still not done yet.

And we need a big trash can so the garbage people can haul our trash away.