2 CeilingFan objects done, 1 more to go

Porch ceiling fanSuccessfully managed to hang two more ceiling fans without serious injury or damage to the house. Now just one more ceiling fan to go up in the back porch and then on to the next project: installing window blinds in the office.

Just one of the many things that was accomplished this weekend, including spending a whole lotta money on House Stuff. Then going back, returning some House Stuff because it wasn't the Right Stuff, then buying even More House Stuff. So now most all the windows have something covering them, and all the rooms have fans.

So now with our left-over house money rapidly dwindling, we need to re-prioritize a few things. Fencing, hurricane shutters or plywood, grill, curtains, garage storage/shelving, lawn mower. It's a never-ending list. With the storm season starting to gear up, plywood for the windows is the top priority for this year. Hurricane shutters will have to come later because they're pretty pricey. The rest are still up for discussion.