Ice junkie

I have a dog that loves ice. Absolutely loves it. If I could make teeny tiny ice cubes I could use them as very effective training treats. Crack the freezer and she comes running from wherever she is, sits down so hard she makes a thump and waits patiently for a treasured ice cube.

If she gets one, she's happy as a clam chomping and chasing it around the kitchen. She picks it up in her mouth, chews it a bit until her mouth gets too cold and then drops it. Licks it a bit, grabs it again and repeats. Funny to watch.

If she doesn't get one, she has this sad disappointed look on her face and then trots away with you as you walk away.

From what I've read, this isn't terribly abnormal for Labs, and there seem to be a lot of Lab owners out there who's dogs love ice cubes.

5 months old last week, and weighed in yesterday at 48 pounds. I need to take more pictures of her.