The day is just crawling by

Need a new battery for my watch. I have 5 time keeping devices on my desk: my watch, 2 computers, PDA and binary clock. But it's the watch I always check most often. Go figure. So I start feeling munchy, go grab some left over lunch out of the fridge and head off to the microwave to heat it up. Glance at my watch and it tells me that it's only 9:20. I think to myself "Man, this day is just dragging. Hungry already and it's not even 9:30". So I go back to my desk, put lunch back in the fridge and do some more work.

Then a few minutes later I notice the time on the binary clock and PDA, which tell me it's actually 11:30! Well, heck, no wonder I'm so hungry. It really is lunch time!

So off to go heat up some lunch (again), and then figure out how to replace the battery in this watch.