The Sith are here! The Sith are here!

Finally saw the last installment of Star Wars last night. It was definitely much cooler than the previous two (way way better than Phantom Menace). I think this prequel series could have been much better without Episode 1, starting the prequel trilogy with Attack of the Clones and with more development of Skywalker's corruption to the dark side, expanding Revenge of the Sith into two movies. It just happened way to fast I think. I mean really, one minute he's full of anguish over watching Siddious throwing Windu out the window, and the next minute he's kneeling at Siddious' feet pledging his loyalty. I suppose you could say that Siddious was taking advantage of Skywalker's anguish and exerting some of his mind control powers and to me parts of that scene made me think this might have been happening. Still, Skywalker turning to the Dark Side needed a little more development and drama I think. And why didn't the Jedi Council do more to intervene when Yoda saw Skywalker heading to the Dark Side? Granted if they had, that probably would have ruined the story. But for all the talk of Skywalker being the 'Chosen One', the Jedi Council didn't really do much to prevent his slide to the Dark Side.

FX were very cool, and lots of good light saber action. Would have liked to see more wide shots and fewer closeups of Samuel Jackson in the Windu/Siddious battle

7/10 overall, and 10/10 compared to the previous two installments.