AAPM 2005 Day 1

Mt RainierAccording to the pilot, this is supposed to be Mount Rainier. At least that's what he said it was when we were flying past it. The original picture was a little flat, but thanks to The Gimp and a little histogram thresholding (Color Tools/Level), I managed to make it look a lot better.

It's day 1 of the 2005 AAPM Annual meeting. A few minutes ago there were throngs of people waiting to get into the technical exhibit where the vendors have their booths set up. As soon as they announced it was open, everybody rushed in and things got really quiet. Then everyone came back carrying lunch boxes and it got noisy again.

Anyway, today's mostly filled up with committee meetings for me. No time to check out vendors today. Plenty of time for that tomorrow and the rest of the week though.

Did get to spend a good chunk of time hanging out with my sister and her family yesterday. Went to the Science Fiction Museum with my brother-in-law while my sister took her girls to the Seattle Children's Museum. The SF museum was pretty cool. Lots of cool SF related artifacts, costumes, books and such. There were props and costumes from all the major SF TV shows and movies there, but one significant show that seemed to be missing was Space: 1999. I suppose they just don't have anything from the show, or maybe it rotated out of their collection. Seems like a pretty big omission to me though. Still pretty cool place to go visit.

Ok, time to head off to the next committee meeting.