AAPM 2005 Day 2

On the schedule for this morning:
7:30 (PDT) - PET Physics and Technology
First topic was basic PET physics and detector technology. Pretty basic stuff. Second topic was reconstruction algorithms, which was interesting and probably deserved it's own session.

10:00 - President's Symposium
Very inspirational talk by Dr John Rigden about Einstein's 1905 papers and what makes them so special and revolutionary.

13:30 - Computed Tomography
Hoo, lots of dry topics that mostly flew over my head.

16:00 - Dual modality imaging
Best session of the day. Learned lots of things to consider and think about for future image fusion work.

18:00 - AAPM awards ceremony and reception
I think I may skip this and go do touristy things down by the Market tonight.

Interesting note: there seem to be more women at this year's meeting than I remember from past meetings. This is a good thing.

The wireless lounge is a nice area to hang out and get some Net access. The only problem with it is that it's surrounded by windows and sometimes gets too bright to see a laptop screen very well. Every now and then the connection will drop too, causing page loading errors. Mildly annoying.