AAPM 2005 Day 3

On the schedule for this morning:
7:30 (PDT) - PET Physics and Technology II
Lots of good info on the various corrections needed for PET imaging. Acceptance testing/QC topic was interesting too. I have a feeling our PET/CT (whenever we get it) is going to take up a good chunk of my time.

8:30 - Radiation Safety and Risk Management II
Topic was radionuclide therapy and patient release criteria. Thought it would be more general, but the focus was on I-131. Stuff I know already, so I skipped out half way through.

10:00 - Advances in CT Hardware, Algorithms and Applications
Good presentation on recent developments in CT by Dr Kalendar. He's always a good source for learning what's on the cutting and bleeding edges of CT. Interesting reconstruction techniques presented by Dr Pan.

12:00 - Lunch and posters
I had thought I'd be spending a few hours studying posters, but after about 30 minutes, I think I went through all the diagnostic related posters. Lots of therapy related posters on 4D CT and tumour tracking though. No Cat 2 CE credits there for me this year.

13:30 - Cone-beam CT
Some interesting talks on CBCT. Most of the equipment used involved FP imagers on therapy units or C-arm type set-ups.

16:00 - Maintenance of Certification Update
Very informative discussion on the ABR's maintenance of certification efforts. Sounds somewhat onerous at first glance, but the majority of it really just amounts to documenting what most of us do on a daily basis anyway. I don't think it will be so bad, except for the $1700 fee.

18:00 - AAPM Night out at the Museum of Flight