AAPM 2005 Day 4

An old Blue Angels plane at Seattle's Museum of FlightThis is the last full day of the meeting. On the schedule for this morning:
7:30 (PDT) - PET Physics and Technology III
Good discussion on attenuation correction in PET. More interesting was the discussion toward the end about potential AC-induced artifacts.

8:30 - Radiation Safety and Risk Management III
Excellent presentation on how to calculate radiation dose estimates and discuss risks with patients, clinicians and media. Learned quite alot from this one.

10:00 - X-ray Fluoroscopy and Angiography: State of the Art
Interesting talks on some new developments in FP detectors. Mostly reflected work being done at SUNY Stonybrook and Buffalo.

13:00 - Burst of applause rings out from the technical exhibit area as the closing announcement is made.

15:30 - Teaching Diagnostic Physics to Radiology Residents

17:15 - AAPM Business Meeting