AAPM 2005 Day 5

The final day of the meeting. After this, it's off to meet the sister and her family, and on to Vancouver BC for the reunion.

Yesterday's AAPM Business meeting was an interesting look into the mechanics of running the AAPM. A little bit surprised by the low turnout, but from what I heard, a lot of people were leaving yesterday. I imagine attendance will probably be pretty thin today.

On the schedule for this morning:
7:30 (PDT) - PET Physics and Technology IV
Good information presented on designing shielding for PET and PET/CT facilities. Looking forward to the AAPM TG group report which is supposed to be coming out in MedPhys soon. Turns out shielding requirements probably won't be as heavy as you might initially think provided you can get things laid out properly.

8:30 - Radiographic and Fluoroscopic Physics and Technology IV
Some good experiences presented by a former colleague with regards to testing newer fluoro equipment. I need to spend some time adapting some of my methods and introducing a few new ones.

10:00 - Advances in X-ray Radiography and Fluoroscopy
A few interesting presentations here, but skipped out early to start my vacation.