Breaking out the floor boards

7-Jul-05 - Floor boards racked up ready to nail into placeRoofing felt went down on the floor Wed night in the office and the hallway and last night we unpacked 3 boxes of floor boards and racked them up. It's like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The boards come in pretty random lengths from about 1 to 7 feet long. So you pick out pieces from random boxes to mix and match the wood tones and lengths so the joints between boards don't all line up.

Today the wife is off to find an appropriate flooring nailer to rent and with any luck we'll try nailing down the first boards tonight. Either that or we'll take up the carpet in the other room and prep that one for the felt paper and floor boards. Then with any luck we'll be able to get just about everything nailed down and looking good by the end of the weekend!