Cult of Hoo: Artifacts


During the course of exploring strange new wildernesses and bars, Hooligans have stumbled onto a variety of magical artifacts. Some of these are believed to have been placed here by Hoo.

The Drunk Table
Located at the old Boca's Nightclub (South side), the Drunk Table is a powerful artifact, known for it's magical ability to get Hooligans drunk on a remarkably small amount of alcohol (or at least what seems to be a small amount to a drunken Hooligan).
Prior to one houseboat trip, several plastic garden flamingos were kidnapped and taken on a houseboat holiday with the Hooligans. We figured they had gotten tired of sitting out on the lawn all day and could use a holiday. We had every intention of returning them the next week complete with pictures of their vacation.Several years later, after being stored in the trunk of a car, they are slowly starting to disappear. No one is quite sure how they're escaping, or where they are going, but some believe they are being taken by Hoo. It's also entirely possible they're tired of being cooped up in the trunk and are just walking away to go find a better party.
The Table
The Table is a mystical artifact found in CAB (Central Academic Building) on the U of A campus which was discovered by Hooligans during their years as undergrad students. It is basically a Hooligan magnet, since at any given day, a Hooligan could be found at the Table. Between classes, Hooligans were instinctively drawn to the Table where we would hang out and pretend to study. Although the Table would periodically change locations, Hooligans were still drawn to it wherever it was.
Gertie the Goose
Gertie the Goose is a faithful companion of the Hooligans on their houseboat trips. She helps us stay afloat when we are swimming in the water and makes sure we don't get too far away from the boat. Gertie is sometimes also used as a plaything by Lizardman.