Guinea Pig dinners

Now that we have a house, and a grill to use for the house, the wife has decided to start doing some entertaining for some of her fellow med student friends. So in an effort to get us to use the grill more often, she's started this Sunday dinner thing that she calls 'Guinea Pig dinner', where we end up cooking or grilling something we've never tried before. And since we haven't done too much grilling at all, there's a lot to try. So far we've stuck to relatively simple things: burgers, sausages, hot dogs, chicken, mostly to learn the nuances of the grill.

So, armed with a copy of How to Grill and Betty Crocker's Grilling Made Easy, today we have ribs and chicken to subject her friends to.

Basically we've graduated from experimenting with food on ourselves to experimenting on her friends.

When we get good at this, maybe I'll start inviting some of my friends...