Hooligan Science: Your Stomach as Bouncer

Geezus' theory on how your stomach acts as a bouncer for the rest of your body.

Stomach: Ok, you can come in...you too. Stay out of trouble. Whoop, tequila, nope you're outta here.
Tequila: Aww man, we won't cause any trouble. We just want to have a little fun.
Stomach: Well, ok. But just one.
Tequila: Alright! Woohoo!
Tequila starts sneaking his friends in
Tequilas: Woohoo! Bang! Bang! (guns firing)
Stomach: All right, everyone out! All of you are out of here! Even you ham & eggs. I know you didn't do anything, but you're out of here!

At this point, Stomach forcibly ejects whoever is left partying.