The Flooring Project: Phase 1

The headlong plummet into the home improvement world began yesterday with us taking up the carpet and associated materials in the office and hallway. Pulling up the carpet was easy. Pulling out the staples and tackless strips was the hard work part.

Next is the planning stage. Measure out the room and closet dimensions, plan out where all the gaps will be and where we'll need strips and mouldings and mark down where the baseboards belong and label them (so they go back in the right spots). Then we take up the baseboards and lay down some roofing felt. Snap a few chalk lines so we know where to start and end, rack up the boards and let them acclimate.

I figure we should be ready to start nailing things down by the weekend. By the end of the weekend, we should have new flooring put down!

If anybody needs about 170 sq ft of light tan berber carpet, just come and get it. Free to a good home.

Flooring Phase1
This is the space we're putting the hardwood floor in for Phase 1 (excluding the bathroom). Total square footage (including wastage) is about 360 sq ft. If this phase goes well, then the master bedroom is next in Phase 2. Phase 3, the biggest, will be the great room/dining room but depending on finances, it may not get done until next year.