Halfway through with the bedroom

There's nothing like hearing that you're going to have company in two days to make you hurry up and finish something.

Some of Yaenette's family decided to make the trip down from NYC, so out goes the octagon we were trying to work out how to do. We'll just have to settle for plain floors. So off to the equipment rental place I went to pick up the nailers and in the space of 4 hours we went from a bare room with a few boards racked up
18-Aug-05 - Racking up the boards in the bedroom
to half-way finished.
18-Aug-05 - 4 hours later, we're halfway done

I figure I should be able to get the rest of it finished tomorrow night or Saturday morning. That leaves us a few hours to take the nailers back, move everything back into the bedroom and clean the place up to make it presentable before the horde descends.