House prices going up and up and up

The house next door has gone back on the market already. The people living there were just renting the place waiting for their house to be finished. Nice enough folks. Maybe the people who buy it will actually live there instead of turning it into another rental like many of the other places around here.

It's a nice enough house with a nice big porch out front and 2 levels. A little bit smaller than ours but without the wide open floor plan like ours (one of the reasons we didn't put it on our list). I remember walking through it while it was still being built and checking it out to compare with ours.

The selling price is a whole other matter all together. The asking price is almost 10% higher than what we paid for ours and I think at least 15% higher than what the house was originally listed at. It would be interesting to find out how much it ends up going for.