Houseboat Hooligans: T-Shirt Project

Houseboat Hooligans 2 1/2For Hooligans, the annual houseboating trip/pilgrimage is what Mecca is to Muslims, or Jerusalem is to Christians.

For a number of years, it was an annual ritual at the end of the summer, just before school started back up. For each of the trips someone came up with a theme for a t-shirt for everyone. Many of the shirts were based on some movie poster with some suitable Hooligan touches added in.

And so I bring to you, the Houseboat Hooligans T-Shirt Project. My t-shirt collection begins with Houseboat Hooligans 2 1/2: The Smell of Beer. For some reason I'm missing the shirt for Houseboat Hooligans 7. Either I didn't make it on that trip (unimaginable), I was too drunk to remember the trip, or I've lost the shirt.

To my fellow Hooligans, help out with the project by sending a digital photo of any Houseboat shirts you might have that you don't see here. The original photos were captured as 2288x1712 TIFF images and reduced down.

Update:Thanks to Mike who reminded me that HH7 was Houseboat Hooligans: Beerheart. I know I definitely have/had that shirt. It's just a matter of digging around and finding it now.